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Quick Links: Skimp or Spend

Sorry for all the Quick Links this week, but it’s been a busy one. Today’s find in an excellent piece from Dappered about Skimp or Spend on various items, along with links to other posts going into detail. This, IMHO, is THE buyers guide for men’s style. Go read it now. Advertisements

Quick Link: Keytags

Have too many of the same key? Want to make finding a certain key easier? Well Cool Material found a novel solution: Key Tags.

Battle Ropes

The Art Of Manliness just posted up a new article on a great HIIT exercise with an excellent name, BATTLE ROPES. Basically it boils down to 15 rounds of 20×20 HIIT rope movements utilizing about 50′ of 2″ diameter rope looped around some sort of stationary object. Only downside is the supply cost, with 50′ … Continue reading

Quick Link: Scarfs

Learn yourself scarf tying methodology for the winter: ManMadeDIY: Helpful Graphic: Four Essential Scarf Knots Every Man Should Know

When asked “how can I be more productive?”  Richard Branson simply replied “Work out.”

DIY: Beltmaking

After following /r/MFA‘s DIY $100 belt tutorial, I made a 1-1/4″ belt with supplies from Tandy Leather Factory. It turned out pretty well, and my choice of dye and brass hardware was spot-on (one of these days I’ll get some pictures). But like any good hobby, it is a learning process, and now I naturally … Continue reading

Quick Link: Fix-a-zip

Great guide from ManMade’s The DIY Tailor series on fixing pesky zippers. I know of a few clothing items i could have saved if i had found this sooner!

Cold Shower Time

I experimented with cold showers about a month ago. It worked real well, then I got tired and gave it up. Re-reading the Impossible HQ‘s Health Benefits of Cold Showers today pushed me to take it up again. So get in the shower and crank it over to cold and LIVE LIKE A MAN! My … Continue reading

The Clouds

Driving in to work today the clouds and the sun were doing the cool “hand of god” beam of light trick. Tried to get some pictures (yes, I am a bad person) so here we are:   A keen eye will notice this is midway through Camp Pendleton. Good stuff.

Found Today 10/2/13

Today’s discussion points were about carb loading on keto and what to do when working out. From the FAQ: What is the Targeted Ketogenic Diet Routine (TKD)? The TKD is nothing more than the standard ketogenic diet (SKD) with carbohydrates consumed at specific times around exercise, as a way to replenish muscle glycogen. This means … Continue reading