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Cold Shower Time

I experimented with cold showers about a month ago. It worked real well, then I got tired and gave it up. Re-reading the Impossible HQ‘s Health Benefits of Cold Showers today pushed me to take it up again. So get in the shower and crank it over to cold and LIVE LIKE A MAN!

My favorite takeaways from the post are:

Healthy Skin & Hair (not dried out)

Cold water helps “close” pores. This keeps your skin looking smooth and healthy while not drying your skin out as hot water showers can do.  The cold water helps keep your hair shiny and your skin soft, rather than itchy, ashy and dried out.

Testosterone Increase

A 1993 study done by the Thrombosis Research Institute in England showed that cold baths correlate with high testosterone levels. We don’t have the direct link, but try it for yourself and see. We promise that, after spending 5-10 minutes in the freezing cold water, you’ll at least feel like more of a man.

Energy Increase

Besides the fact that there’s nothing quite like ice cold water to wake you up out of a daze, cold showers can actually boost your energy levels. When you jump into a cold shower, the nerve endings on your skin stand up because of the ice world you just entered. You heart starts racing and you start breathing rapidly as your body adjusts. That’s a response that the best cup of coffee in the world can’t match.

Tolerance To Stress

In general, cold exposure gives your body a higher tolerance to stress. Over time, this leads to the strengthening and hardening of your body and immune system (as we talked about earlier).



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