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DIY: Beltmaking

After following /r/MFA‘s DIY $100 belt tutorial, I made a 1-1/4″ belt with supplies from Tandy Leather Factory. It turned out pretty well, and my choice of dye and brass hardware was spot-on (one of these days I’ll get some pictures). But like any good hobby, it is a learning process, and now I naturally want to (re)make all my belts. While the 1-1/4″ works for most dress pants and chinos, I needed a thicker belt for jeans. I have an old two-pronged 1-3/4″ black leather belt that is beginning to show its age, so plans for another DIY belt adventure are forming. The underlying current of continuous improvement is of course present, so when Mr. Lentz released his own belt guide, I read with interest. It is a much more in depth (both cost and time-wise) compared to the MFA guide, which is a good thing. Read on, and get yourself to a leather supply shop now!



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