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“The most valuable thing you will ever own is your time. Spend it wisely.” -Unknown Advertisements

Quick Links: Weekender Leather Strap DIY

Wood and Faulk posted about their new line of watch straps, which led to their DIY on Design Sponge. Do it!

Quick Links: More Cold Shower

Seriously need to do this more often. From a reddit post. First, from PRSUIT, WHY I QUIT TAKING HOT SHOWERS. Not sure why they are always yelling. Second, from Impossible HQ, The Only 2 Real Excuses Why People Refuse To Take Cold Showers.

“Be technically and tactically proficient” -The Fundamentals of Marine Corps Leadership

“Know yourself and seek self-improvement” -The Fundamentals of Marine Corps Leadership

Weekend Projects 2/15-16/14

Repainted the mirrors on the Ti. Well, Plasti-dipped them. They were looking old, sun-aged, and just crap. Now they are shiny-ish. Also repainted the ac/power steering bracket on the ghost. Need more pictures of that. But here is what it looks like in rust-encapsulating primer. Luckily this bracket unbolts without needing to remove any of … Continue reading

Quick Link: Repeat After Me

Quick Link: Repeat After Me The mission. Every day.

Quick Links: Squats – the best thing for runners

Quick Links: Squats – the best thing for runners Yet another article on doing squats and why they are awesome. Must be some sort of trend, huh?

Comic: Promotions vs Raises

From the simply awesome Indexed comic, if you can even call it that. More like drawn representations of life. Anyways, this one made me think. If all you have is a fancy title, will zero power, do you have anything at all?

Make It and Take It

From Bold And Determined TIPS: #1 Learn the word “NO“. Say it often. No is a power word. You know who doesn’t say no? People pleasers. You know who says no all the time? Real dealers and ass kickers. “No” comes from a position of power. #2 Stop caring what other people think. Their opinion … Continue reading