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Make It and Take It

From Bold And Determined


#1 Learn the word “NO“. Say it often. No is a power word. You know who doesn’t say no? People pleasers. You know who says no all the time? Real dealers and ass kickers. “No” comes from a position of power.

#2 Stop caring what other people think. Their opinion is useless to you, their advice is useless and their thought process is non-existent. If they didn’t see it on television then it isn’t real to them. That goes for your mommy and daddy and your best friend from childhood. Unless someone’s life is enviable to you their advice is utterly pointless and useless garbage. Unless they are doing something you want to do, don’t ask for or accept advice. For example: I take bodybuilding advice from bodybuilders, I take business advice from successful entrepreneurs, and I take advice about how to properly make smoothies from my maid. I don’t take any advice from fellas who wasted their lives working for some company and raising a family. I know 8 million people like that, and their advice is always the same garbage. “Get a good job, get married and save for retirement so you can live as well as me!“.

Make it and take it, friends. If you want it get your feet on the pavement and get out there and get it. It’s not going to be out in the open waiting for you to find it. Whatever IT is that you want, it likes to play hide and seek with you. You’ll have to get out there and kick those rocks over looking for it, but it’s there. The rest of the lazy bums will only look in plain sight, if you take just one extra step you will have a leg up on almost everybody on planet earth. And then they’ll call you lucky. And they’ll be right. There isn’t a soul on planet earth who has good luck and a bad attitude. Good luck men have positive mental attitudes, they will extend their arm to Lady Luck and she’ll take it with a little smile and a blush, like the good girl she is.

Go out and do it.



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