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Quick Links: More Cold Shower

Seriously need to do this more often. From a reddit post. First, from PRSUIT, WHY I QUIT TAKING HOT SHOWERS. Not sure why they are always yelling. Second, from Impossible HQ, The Only 2 Real Excuses Why People Refuse To Take Cold Showers. Advertisements

Comic: Promotions vs Raises

From the simply awesome Indexed comic, if you can even call it that. More like drawn representations of life. Anyways, this one made me think. If all you have is a fancy title, will zero power, do you have anything at all?

Make It and Take It

From Bold And Determined TIPS: #1 Learn the word “NO“. Say it often. No is a power word. You know who doesn’t say no? People pleasers. You know who says no all the time? Real dealers and ass kickers. “No” comes from a position of power. #2 Stop caring what other people think. Their opinion … Continue reading

Cold Shower Time

I experimented with cold showers about a month ago. It worked real well, then I got tired and gave it up. Re-reading the Impossible HQ‘s Health Benefits of Cold Showers today pushed me to take it up again. So get in the shower and crank it over to cold and LIVE LIKE A MAN! My … Continue reading