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Quick Link: Pinstriping by Skratch

Via Cool Material, Skratch pinstripes a helmet. http://coolmaterial.com/video/skratch-beautifully-pinstripes-bike-helmets-in-minutes/ Add that to the “cool talents to master” list. Advertisements

Quick Links: Weekender Leather Strap DIY

Wood and Faulk posted about their new line of watch straps, which led to their DIY on Design Sponge. Do it!

Quick Links: Squats – the best thing for runners

Quick Links: Squats – the best thing for runners Yet another article on doing squats and why they are awesome. Must be some sort of trend, huh?

Quick Links: Skimp or Spend

Sorry for all the Quick Links this week, but it’s been a busy one. Today’s find in an excellent piece from Dappered about Skimp or Spend on various items, along with links to other posts going into detail. This, IMHO, is THE buyers guide for men’s style. Go read it now.

Quick Link: Keytags

Have too many of the same key? Want to make finding a certain key easier? Well Cool Material found a novel solution: Key Tags.

Quick Link: Scarfs

Learn yourself scarf tying methodology for the winter: ManMadeDIY: Helpful Graphic: Four Essential Scarf Knots Every Man Should Know

Quick Link: Fix-a-zip

Great guide from ManMade’s The DIY Tailor series on fixing pesky zippers. I know of a few clothing items i could have saved if i had found this sooner!